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A place for healing, growth, and change.



I offer counseling services that focus on your needs and your goals.  I focus on helping you make life changes, cope with anxiety and depression, and deal with the powerful emotions that can impact your relationships with others.


Learn about and practice taking care of yourself.  Our wellness classes are grounded in the ceramic arts.  Ceramics is a soothing and therapeutic activity, that can also help  with mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  

Our Mission

Our vision involves individuals and community. We want to see individuals becoming their best selves by developing self understanding, solving problems, and making meaningful change. We are building a community of individuals around ceramics and other expressive arts and envision people coming together to form a supportive wellness community.

Men & Masculinity

Helping men understand their own masculinity and cope with issues that men commonly face.  Many men have trouble connecting and being close with others.  We can help men understand themselves, their emotions, and learn how to make social connections that will help them live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Elemental  Studios

The Elemental Counseling ceramics studio is currently a work in progress, just like this webpage!  Please pardon the mess and keep and your eye out for our coming classes.  In the mean time, please join our mailing list.  


4634 NE Garfield Ave, Suite B     Portland, OR 97214

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