About Me

Casey Campbell, MS, CRC, LPC

My Experience

I earned a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Oregon in 2006, focused on researching perceptions of self conscious emotions shame, guilt, embarrassment, and pride. In 2013 I completed a masters degree rehabilitation counseling focused on helping people with chronic illness and disabilities. I had a long career in academic advising that began in 2003 and have been a therapist since 2013. I specialize in working with men struggling with depression, anxiety, emotions, loneliness, and connection.

My Story

I started my career in the helping professions as an academic advisor, helping students with much more than simply figuring out what classes to take. Students regularly coming to advisors when they are struggling to be successful, and often times it has very little to do with their academic ability. I helped students gain self understanding, identify their strengths and learn how to cope with and overcome the challenges they face in their pursuit of their goals.

Craft as Therapy

Sometimes words aren’t enough.  It can be difficult to articulate verbally traumatic experiences, feelings of grief and loss, depression, and anxiety.  Using our bodies, our senses, and creativity can help express and process issues that can’t be through talk therapy alone.  

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