My Focus on Men’s Wellness


Making the call to get help can be a difficult for anyone, but especially men. So many men have grown up with parental and societal expectations that they be reserved and strong. So many boys and men have been told to suck it up and move on when they took the risk of being vulnerable and expressing their feelings of fear, uncertainty, shame, and guilt. Men have been socialized to hide and ignore their pain. Thankfully we are changing. More and more boys and men are being encouraged to be vulnerable, to label and talk about their emotions, and to seek help. It is becoming clear that admitting you need help and seeking it out are brave acts. People who identify as women or non-binary have led the way. Men are beginning to follow and some are even joining in on leading the effort to help everyone see that opening up and seeking help to heal and to grow is brave and worthwhile.

I’ve been working with men and studying men’s issues for nearly 20 years. Whether you are struggling with emotion regulation, anxiety, depression, addiction, or social and relationship issues, I can help you heal and develop practices that contribute to self understanding, change and growth.  

Expressive Arts Therapy

In expressive arts therapy we utilize psychology and your innate creativity to promote understanding, healing, and growth. Engaging in creative activities engages our brains in a different way that traditional talk therapy and this can lead to powerful and lasting healing and development. We can access and express emotions and experiences that we may not be able to articulate verbally.

Accessing and expressing through arts like ceramics, photography, and painting can help you integrate these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into your conscious awareness, and help you make meaningful and lasting changes. Put simply, expressive arts therapy can change your life. Elemental Counseling is home to Elemental Studios. Members have access to a fully equipped ceramics studio, and creative spaces for painting, drawing, storytelling, and movement.

Talk Therapy

Career Counseling

Deciding what career pathway you want to take can be challenging and filled with uncertainty.  It’s hard to know where to begin and how to move forward! In Elemental Counseling career exploration workshops and one on one counseling sessions we help you identify practical issues as well as your passions to help you find a meaningful career pathway that supports your income needs along with your need to do meaningful and fulfilling work.

We will help you identify and articulate your values, interests, needs, and passions, and then explore careers that fit you. If you are struggling to make educational, career, or other personal life choices, we can help you get started and develop a process not only focused on how to identify your goals, but how to accomplish them as well.

Self-care and Wellness

Are you rethinking your busy life? Do you have concerns about your health habits, emotional regulation, or social connections. At Elemental Counseling, wellness is a way of life. We can help you assess how well you are physically, emotionally, financially, cognitively, socially, and spiritually. As we identify areas in which you could improve wellness, we will make plans using a solutions focused approach to change and growth.

Group Therapy


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